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Hey, Have you ever heard about the Best Pickup lines that actually works on Girls? We think that you haven’t heard before. These are the best Pick Up lines that actually works on the girls so let’s see.

  • Hi, this is Mike and this site contains some pretty funny, cheesy pick up lines that actually WORK!
  • I use them to approach and talk to ANY girl I think is attractive… and it usually leads me to either getting her phone number or with her coming home with me.
  • I know, I know. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it. But it’s not.
  • I’ll share with you proven pick up lines you can use to approach ANY woman you want, get her to start talking with you, and either get her phone number or get her to come home with you too!
  • After all… your current situation may be a lot like mine was a few years ago. I was pretty lonely and feeling a little depressed because I wasn’t really having any luck getting girls.
  • I was always worried that I’d end up alone. While my buddies were out with their girlfriends… I was home alone playing video games. I felt like a loser.

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These are the Best Pick Up Hilarious lines that you might be heard ever

Why don’t you try these amazing funny and hilarious pick up lines given here. Check these according to your taste.

  • But fast forward just a few short months later… and check out what happened to me recently.
  • I was out with some of my buddies at a local sports bar, watching a football game. There was a table of GORGEOUS college-age girls hanging out next to us.
  • One of the women… a very HOT and perfect “10″ in my book… kept looking over at me.
  • So I’d look back at her once in a while and give her a little smile. A few minutes later, I leaned over to one of my buddies and said “watch this”.
  • I got up, walked over to the table where this gorgeous girl was… and whispered something into her ear. She immediately laughed, flipped her hair back, extended her hand, and said “Hi, my name’s Jenn”
  • For the next 20 minutes or so… we talked, laughed, and built up an amazing connection. I could feel the chemistry between us. She kept touching my arm and sending me “signals” that she was interested.

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Are you interested in Pickup Lines?

Most of the boys are interested for these pickup lines because these are totally flirty Captions.

  • One thing led to another and before I knew it… I was back at her place. I think you know where the rest is going.
  • Now, believe me, if you’d have asked me if this was possible just a few years ago, I would have said NO WAY. Because there was a time I didn’t feel very confident at all trying to pick up women.
  • It was VERY frustrating for me because I couldn’t seem to get a girlfriend… no matter how hard I tried. And I tried and failed more times than I could count.
  • Nothing seemed to work because either I’d chicken out at the last minute and NOT approach a hot girl. Or I’d walk up to her, and say something really stupid, which would then make the rest of the conversation VERY awkward or very short.
  • But I was determined to stick it out. I knew that if I kept doing the same things, I’d be stuck in the same place, in the same situation, with no girlfriend.
  • So I finally made the decision to figure it out for myself. I wanted to know why some guys were able to easily get any girl they wanted when they went out.

Most Interested Pickup Lines ahead

  • I wanted to know what their tricks were… why they could go into any bar and nightclub, just start chatting with women, and either leave with their phone number… or with THEM.
  • So I went on a personal mission and spent a ton of time reading and studying any book that I thought would help me.
  • I started reading books written by pick up artists, dating gurus, and even other women… so I could get into their minds and figure out what “triggered” their sexual urges and desires.
  • The ONE book that turned everything around for me is this book of
  • It was the single best book I’ve EVER read on approaching women, using pick up lines, and getting more women interested in you.
  • Man, I felt like I had won the lottery… because the amount of information I was getting from this program was GOLD. But more importantly, I used the tips I learned and tried a bunch of new stuff when I went out to the clubs.

Best way to flirty quietly with girls through these pickup lines

  • It seemed that the more I learned how to use the right pick up lines, the more interested women became in me. And in no time… more and more women wanted to get to know me better because I started getting phone numbers left and right.
  • It became pretty common for me to go out for a night and come home with 2 to 3 phone numbers from very attractive women.
  • And these techniques KEPT working, because more and more women gave me their phone numbers when I went out.
  • Yes, a lot more of them started coming home with me as well. Sure, I’m not a big bragger about one night stands, but the amount of one-night stands I had went through the roof.
  • And more and more women kept calling me at all hours of the night, asking me to come over.
  • I finally felt more confident with women and felt better about myself. This sure felt better than feeling inadequate all the time because I couldn’t pick up women.

New Pickup Lines Only For you

When I learned how to PROPERLY use pick up lines with women… positive changes started happening in my life. I started feeling more confident and proud.

I noticed girls would start noticing me a lot more when I went out. It must have been the air of confidence I had when I went to a club or bar.

And I went from being depressed because of my inability to get a woman… to being confident and proud of getting ANY girl I wanted… each and every time.

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