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One line captions and whatsapp status are more powerful to pretend your emotions.  As we know that quotes are more popular than the normal two three lines whatsapp status.  So here you can find the free and amazing one line 50 + highly noticed quotes for whatsapp status and also for social media captions You are going to having these amazing best captions for yourself.

Hence, the power of one line captions for whatsapp status are more influence than the others one. So what are you now looking forward these are the best captions that you might be seen anywhere else. Why not take advantages of them now.

Karma revels everything in life. So you and somebody who really injected by his or her karma. These are the best captions for you.

BEST Captions forever?

I believe in Karma that means I  do all the bad things to people all day and assume that these were their Karma.
Impress and satisfy yourself, not the society.
Don’t settle for good, Demand great
The strawberry shampoo doesn’t taste as good as it smells.
I love texting instead of phone calls, because it give more time to think what to say.
When life give you lemons squeeze it in people eyes.
Some people are like clouds, when they go away the day is brighter.
Top One line Status
My laziness is like 8 when I lie down it becomes infinity
Good Morning. Let the stress Begin

You Share your Emotions through Words

I’m not sad for being single, rather I’m thinking about her, who is single because of me.
My crush is like a username, already taken.
Sarcasm is the cleavage of personality.
Relationship Status: Looking for free WiFi connection.
I love my life, but it just wants to be friends.
Dear Mario, I wasted my childhood trying to save your girlfriend, now you help me find one.
Love your bae like you love your Hot Coffee. Enjoy it before the hotness goes.
80% of boys have girlfriends, rest 20% have brains
I keep on dreaming high, but gravity pulls me down.
We’re WTF generation. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook.
The only reason I’m fat because a tiny body can’t handle this personality.
Friends are forever until they get into relationship 😛
If Plan A didn’t work. Don’t worry alphabet has 25 more letters.

Amazing One line short captions for status

People who exercise live longer, but what’s the point when those extra years are spent in the gym.
Practice what you preach others.
Dear GOD, There is a bug in your software and it’s called Monday.
You’re the reason why I wake up in the morning. I’m just kidding. I’ve other work to do.
I’m not lazy, I’m on power saving mode.
Common sense is life deodrant. The people who need it most never use it.
When someone touches my phone. I’m automatically turn into a ninja.
Work so hard that one day your signature will be called an autograph.
I’m not shy. I’m just holding back my awesomeness.
Latest One Line Status
Sometimes all you need Love. Just kidding. It’s Money!
Tried to loose weight but it keeps finding me.
Fake people have image to maintain. Real people just don’t care.

Mostly Insane One Line Captions for Girls

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.
When I’m good, I’m best but when I’m bad, I’m worst.
Youre attitude is like a price tag, It shows how valuable you’re.
I don’t have a bad handwriting, I’ve my own fonts.
The biggest slap on your enemies is your SUCCESS.
Be happy in front of people who don’t like you. It kills them
Dear Santa, What I want for this Christmas, is a list with names and addresses of naughty girls 😛
Better days are coming and they are called Saturday and Sunday.
We all have that one friend who we greet with an insult.
I’m not a second option. Either you choose me or lose me.
I love my six pack so much that’s why I protect it with a layer of fat.
People say that I’m bad. Trust me I’m worst.
I don’t insult people, I just describe them.
Warning!! I know Karate and few other words.
I’ve not changes I just grown up. You should also try it once.
Self confidence is the best outfit.
Never do anything that others can do for you.
Yes I’m smiling but you’re not the reason anymore.

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